Making Your Own Art

paint palette

We all have creative potential. For some of us, it’s buried deep inside and for others it’s ever-present. If your summer art treks have fueled your creativity,  here are ways to bring that creativity to life.


Throughout the city there are a wide range of classes for beginners or for those wishing to hone a skill. Here’s a selection.

92nd Street Y —  92nd and Lexington. The Y offers both daytime and evening classes ranging from basic drawing to collaging. Fall classes start September 29

National Academy Museum — Fifth Avenue and 90th street. Evening and daytime courses are offered in all areas of fine arts. There are two Fall semesters. One beginning September 8 and a second starting November 3.

Pastel Society of America — 15 Gramercy Park South.  If you enjoy drawing with pastels then it’s worth looking at the classes offered here. There are one day workshops, like “Exploring Abstraction in Pastel,” and also drop-in classes that meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, like “Color and Composition.” You can attend one class or buy a 6-pack. Classes are offered both during the day and in the evening.

School of Visual Arts — East 23rd Street. The School of Continuing Education offers classes in all the fine arts with most classes taking place in the evening. The semester begins September 18th.

The Educational Alliance Art School —  Ceramics and painting classes at 331 East 12th Street, Sculpture and portrait painting at “Compleat Sculptur,” 90 Vandam Street, and graphic novel drawing at the 14th Street Y. Both evening and daytime classes are offered.

The Shed Project — 179 Mott Street. An interactive gallery/studio space that also offers art classes. The classes are for one night and are limited to 10 people per class. They are arranged at your request.

Art Supplies

For me, going to an art store is like being a kid in a candy shop — so many media; so many colors. My favorite was Pearl’s Paint (RIP). But if  you need to buy supplies for a class or you just want to explore at home, there are still many stores to choose from. Here are a selection of ones I like:

Blick — Bond Street and 650 Sixth Avenue

Jerry’s Palette Shop — 111 Fourth Avenue

Lee’s Art Shop — West 57th Street

Michael’s — Columbus Avenue and 100th Street

SOHO Art Materials — located at 7 Wooster Street off Canal.

Utrecht — West 23rd Street ; East 13th; and Lafayette Street