Derrik Adams: LIVE and IN COLOR on the UES

Derrick Adams Sculpture from LIVE and IN COLOR

Derrick Adams Sculpture from LIVE and IN COLOR

Bold colors, clean lines, and simplistic images draw you in as you wander through “LIVE and IN COLOR. ” The two floor exhibit, now on view at the Tilton Gallery on East 76th Street,  features the work of the multidisciplinary artist,  Derrick Adams.

While Adams works in performance, painting, sculpture and music; this show has both wood sculptures and large-scale mixed media collage. According to the Tilton Gallery, the work is meant to capture “the bold character-dramatizations of black figures in entertainment. Stills and screen captures from sitcoms, music videos, news and stand-up are the point of departure for the work and are used mainly for reference and inspiration,”

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While I enjoyed looking at the sculptures, I was more drawn to the collages. Each collage piece Adams used was very simple. Yet taken as a whole, created a complex image that drew you in to examine it more carefully.

The exhibit will be on view through October 18th.

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