Museum of Biblical Art: A Contemporary Look at the Old

frontWhile the New York Times beat me to the story about their current exhibit, the Museum of Biblical Art, a free art museum known as MOBIA,  is still worth noting. Founded in 2005, MOBIA is located on Broadway and 61st Street in the same building as the American Bible Society. But it is an independent museum, i.e., not affiliated with a particular religious group. It’s mission is to “engage diverse audiences in the exploration of great works of art inspired by the Bible.”

MOBIA is relatively small, with no permanent collection, so the focus is on one special exhibition at a time. On view until September 28 is Back to Eden: Contemporary Artists Wander the Garden. The exhibition brings together work by a group of about 20 contemporary artists. All the pieces in the show were either directly or indirectly inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden. The art work — painting, sculpture, video, among others —  provide a broad view the relationship between humans and the natural world.

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There were two pieces that stood out for me. The first (above) was an HD video projection called “1000 Paths(To The Divine) . The piece is by Sean Capone, a projection artist based in New York City who presents simulated floral vistas, with a focus on pattern and decoration. 1000 Paths (To The Divine) “suggests a continuous cycle of growth, death, and rebirth by immersing the viewer in a morphing virtual garden.” Another piece I really liked (see below) was by Pop Artist, Jime Dine.

The Garden of Eden, Jim Dine (2003)

The Garden of Eden, Jim Dine (2003)



  1. Sounds like a real find. Been passed it many times on foot and on bus but never thought to visit. We’re planning to see the exhibit you described.

  2. Dear NY ArtFinds: thanks very much for your comment & highlight on my video piece ‘1000 Paths’. Great pictures, too, I love when people realize they are invited to get in front of the projection and become a part of it. That’s why I put the projector on the floor. Glad you highlighted the Dine piece, that was also one of my favorites. Best, -Sean

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