Last Week To See Alice Aycock’s “Park Ave Paper Chase”

Cyclone Twist

Cyclone Twist

They’ve been up since March along Park Avenue, from 52nd-66th Street, but I just recently had a chance to look at them close-up. I’m talking about a suite of seven huge sculptures in aluminum and fiberglass that were created by sculptor, Alice Aycock. The group of sculptures is called “Park Avenue Paper Chase,” and are said to be inspired by tornadoes, dance movements and drapery folds.

My favorite was Cyclone Twist which you can see on 57th Street. I found it most impressive when viewed close-up. But they are all worth seeing and they will only be on view until July 20th.

This exhibition, and others, are presented by The Sculpture Committee of The Fund for Park Avenue and the Public Art Program of the City of New York’s Department of Parks & Recreation. The Park Avenue Malls Sculpture Advisory Committee, under the auspices of The Fund for Park Avenue, was established in 2000 to identify and recommend artwork for temporary display on the Park Avenue Malls.

Stay tuned for future exhibitions.

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